Monday, August 12, 2013

Passing the Buck Failure

     This story is coming through second hand so forgive me if I butcher the details. Ru and Sailor are really into coloring right now and especially markers. They will find a coloring book, choose a page, ask us to rip it out and then spend a little time coloring in whatever is on the page.
      Occasionally, the marker will get on other things. Nothing major, just the couch, the walls, skin, food, etc. My how far we have come. Anyways, olivia was home with them when she noticed a pair of yellow rain boots had received the marker treatment. It was pretty clear to see who the culprit was.
     olivia got onto Ruby and told her to keep the coloring on the paper. Her quick response was that Sailor had done it, not her. Unless we missed a quick advance in Sailor's writing skills and her ability to spell her sister's name, I feel there must be a little fibbing here. I guess its never to early to learn that if you are going to do something against the rules, make sure you don't leave a trace that it was you. At least she has someone to blame things on. As an only child, there were only so many times I could blame the dog before my folks got wise.


  1. Lol!! I was the youngest of 6!! Blamed for everything, punished for nothing!

  2. Did you actually get away with blaming the dog, my mother never let me use that one. In fact I got in more trouble for lying than the initial thing I did. Still can't lie to that women. :)

  3. Wes-opposite end of the spectrum for sure.

    Kelly-a couple times, yeah. Mostly just small stuff, say if something was knocked over. Bigger things, like fires, true destruction...not so much.