Friday, August 16, 2013

Custom Harley

     Earlier this week before nap time, Ru wanted a new book to read. I asked her if she would like one of daddy's. Contrary to popular belief, I don't have many books that are just pictures but there are a few. I've let her read this one before but thankfully she didn't remember. Funnily enough, the bikes on the cover are all stock but the contents are about some of the older, well known custom bike builders.
     Before I had even left the room, Ru decided when she woke up she would draw a motorcycle and put it into the book for me. Chalking this up to the pre-nap grandiose ramblings of a groggy 4 year old, I honestly didn't think much about it. I finished tucking them in and I left the room.
     When I got back later in the evening, I saw the book on my desk. Thinking maybe she got bored with it and didn't know where to return it to, I grabbed it to put back on the shelf. That was when I noticed the paper peeking out from the cover. Apparently, Ru had enlisted olivia's help to do exactly what she had said she would. According to the wife, she did all the work, taping included. I'm a lucky man with an awesome family. Hopefully her interest in bikes will continue.

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