Friday, June 29, 2012

Castles Made of Sand

From the recent trip to PCB, our sand castle. I am certain I had more fun with it than the girls did. This was the first time in years I had made one. When I was a kid, I built them almost every day on our annual summer beach trips. My Uncle Bill is an architect and his castles were real pro creations. He would spend hours and hours on them. 
Just like back in the day, I packed the molds full of sand and carefully dumped them over. This was lost on Ruby who just wanted to throw sand everywhere. She did excel at digging the moat and when we were done demolishing everything. Sailor helped. It reminded me of old Godzilla movies and made me smile.
Kids are awesome. 

Monday, June 25, 2012

Full Weekend

Man, was it killer.
Friday night was excellent. To everyone who came out, I sincerely thank you and appreciate your support. Words cannot express how grateful I am for the awesome friends that I have. You are all aces, each and every one of you.
Special thanks to Mom for handling the little ones. Olivia and I were able to get some quality time in. Sometimes a cold beer, a warm burger and some good music are just what you need.
It just doesn't get any better.  

Saturday I spent some time in the garage with a friend I don't see near enough fixing a "reputable" shop's mess. Be careful who your trust a vehicle with. For all of us who have kids, there is a lot riding on who fixes your problems. Get a good shop you can trust and spend some extra money if you have to. In the long run, it is way worth it.

Sunday I didn't have band practice or a podcast to record which is a real rarity these days. I made it to the other Birthday party of the weekend and man...bouncy places are awesome! I think I had more fun than the girls. From the slide to the obstacle course to the bouncy house with dunkable basketball goals, it was a blast.

Had dinner at Fox's Pizza Den in Argo. A good taco pizza is hard to find. Seasoned beef, cheese, tortilla chips, fresh lettuce, tomato, salsa and sour cream sounds like a lot...and it is. Let me tell you, it is a winner and if you ever see a Fox's and need some good eats, do yourself a favor and stop.

As the sun went down, we sat in the front yard and blew bubbles with the kids. We also taught Ruby how to play hopscotch. I got to catch up with my neighbor who I am very lucky to live next to. Great, great folks.

Best weekend I've had in a while, thanks and love to everyone who was a part of it. 

Friday, June 22, 2012

Shameless Self Promotion

My band will be playing an early show tonight at Marty's in Southside with Chuck Marten and the Dry Reds. No, the kids will not be there.
This is a NO COVER show! 7-10pm, 21+ only and the kitchen will be open. 
Come by, say hi, and grab a burger and a beer.

Monday, June 18, 2012


This Father's Day was a big win. I've been talking about getting a project bicycle for a long time and low and behold...I was totally surprised that I got one. It's a killer looking old Schwinn with some awesome parts to go with it. I have a friend who is a great bike mechanic and builder, can't wait to get to work with him.
 The girls got me some media, a DVD and CD I had on my wish list.
The kids also did some art for me. The top two are unmistakably Ru's the bottom is one of Sailor's first. My wife said she was covered in marker after doing it. I also scored some cash to go towards a new wristwatch and dinner at my favorite Japanese steakhouse.
To guarantee the perfection of the day, when volunteered to flip eggs off the spatula and crack them on the side, I went two for two. Thanks to everyone in my life who wished me a happy Father's Day and to my family who consistently give me more than I deserve. Love you all! 

Friday, June 15, 2012

Monday, June 11, 2012


So the wife and kids are on vacation. They have been gone for over a week already and still have several days to go. I always think that some time alone will be awesome and I think about all the stuff I'll do and things I'll get done but after a few days, it gets a little too quiet. The areas where kids are usually playing and getting into things are just silent and empty. I hope the to-do list to keep me occupied until the weekend, otherwise I'll just have to pull the toys off the shelf and throw them all over the room just so it feels normal again.

Friday, June 8, 2012

Thank You

We are fortunate to have friends and family in our lives that not only enrich but also help. Whether it is time, expertise, or assistance we could not have all that we have and do all that we do without you. Sometimes I feel that this needs to be said for no particular reason. I hope you know how much you mean to us and how much we appreciate you. We will always do our best to return the favor, please do not ever hesitate to ask.

Monday, June 4, 2012

Kids are awesome

Firsts like this are fun. Amazing how much joy and excitement they get from something so simple...

Friday, June 1, 2012

The Young One

This is where food and drink we don't want anymore ends up: off the high chair and onto the floor. Cheerios, peas, bread, milk, etc. Each meal means sweeping and often scrubbing. If she gets a spoon and she is done with whatever is in her bowl, heaven help you.

Still not walking, still monkey scooting, standing up more and pulling up. She has worked over her fear of sitting down, several times throughout the day you can hear the baby thud as she releases and hits. She'll also walk down the couch or coffee table. She enjoys getting into and out of the bumbo and has even gotten up onto things, like her toy drum.

The phrase "Mama" has become the baby aloha, it means "pick me up," "more food please," "I'm sad," etc. I guess she has recognized the attention she gets when she says it so now, whatever she wants it's "Mama." Dada did not last long. Just Mama and the crying.

Speaking of crying, 3:30am has become the new 6:00. My wife is a soldier, waking night after night to calm, pacify and attempt to placate the child who refuses to truly communicate. At times she goes at it guns blazing: clean diaper,Tylenol, teething tabs, gas drops and a waffle. Sometimes it helps, other times not so much.

I woke up yesterday morning and found Sailor in her swing with her blanket over her head and olivia and the dog on the couch. I never knew she had gotten up. Ru slept in. I made coffee.

I'm a lucky man.