Friday, June 1, 2012

The Young One

This is where food and drink we don't want anymore ends up: off the high chair and onto the floor. Cheerios, peas, bread, milk, etc. Each meal means sweeping and often scrubbing. If she gets a spoon and she is done with whatever is in her bowl, heaven help you.

Still not walking, still monkey scooting, standing up more and pulling up. She has worked over her fear of sitting down, several times throughout the day you can hear the baby thud as she releases and hits. She'll also walk down the couch or coffee table. She enjoys getting into and out of the bumbo and has even gotten up onto things, like her toy drum.

The phrase "Mama" has become the baby aloha, it means "pick me up," "more food please," "I'm sad," etc. I guess she has recognized the attention she gets when she says it so now, whatever she wants it's "Mama." Dada did not last long. Just Mama and the crying.

Speaking of crying, 3:30am has become the new 6:00. My wife is a soldier, waking night after night to calm, pacify and attempt to placate the child who refuses to truly communicate. At times she goes at it guns blazing: clean diaper,Tylenol, teething tabs, gas drops and a waffle. Sometimes it helps, other times not so much.

I woke up yesterday morning and found Sailor in her swing with her blanket over her head and olivia and the dog on the couch. I never knew she had gotten up. Ru slept in. I made coffee.

I'm a lucky man. 


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