Friday, March 30, 2012


Two shots from a recent photo more on the books coming soon.

Monday, March 26, 2012

What Always Happens On Break

It's the classic case: olivia and the girls head out of town and I stay at home. While they are gone, milestone after milestone get missed. Ruby came back with an even better grasp of language and vocabulary. Her use of sentence structure and grammar were vastly improved...and she grew a size. We've had to take the smaller things out of her wardrobe and box them up for little sister.

Speaking of Sailor, her side of face crawl evolved and now she is fully mobile. Her method more or less consists of pulling along with her arms while scooting her legs after the arms are extended and planted. Her appetite has also increased and formula is a thing of the past. She will kill some whole milk and has gotten to the point of refusing to eat food she doesn't like as opposed to just devouring whatever you put in front of her.

Wednesday, March 14, 2012


Garage sale shirt...too big.
Sippy of milk.
Ready to go to GG's.
Writing a letter to mommy.
Licking the envelope.

Monday, March 12, 2012


I've heard parents talk about the troubles they have had getting their kids to eat.
We have had no such troubles.

Ru seems to be always hungry and would eat all day if you let her. She is also a great sport about trying new things, even if she spits them out immediately she will at least give it ago. She has her staples: granola bars, waffles, cereal, bananas, PB&J, etc but will occasionally request something out of the box. I've started letting her make meal decisions, which has ended with good wholesome meals...and once with Yogurt Lab for lunch.

Sailor is following quickly in her footsteps. Once we introduced solid foods she all but quit taking formula. She digs whole milk and will kill a sippy cup full while we watch astonished. Her staples are applesauce with oatmeal, mashed bananas or sweet potatoes, puffs and baby yogurt. When she starts full time on solid foods, we'll have to stock our pantry because these girls are serious.

What difficulties do you have with your kids or getting them to eat? Are your kids like ours: hungry and open to different foods? Leave a comment below!

Friday, March 9, 2012

The Snip

Later today I am going under the knife, or to be correct, the lazer.

olivia and I had to go through fertility treatments to have Ruby and despite our initial plans to have two children, we decided one was enough. Nobody ever told us that these drugs can linger in your system and low and behold, we had Sailor. Life can throw you a curve ball from time to time but what a great twist. 

I will not gamble on a number three.

After recovering from this procedure today we will be sleeping in separate beds in separate rooms and ceasing all intimate contact. This includes ass-grabbing, suggestive looks and romance.

I think at this point it will be handled to the best of my ability. That being said, with my track record in this department I'm sure there is another on the way.

If so...I hope its a boy.

Monday, March 5, 2012

Learning to Crawl

Sailor has a unique approach to crawling. It is sort of a "rest on my face and push with my legs" technique. I encourage her to practice by getting down on the floor with her and putting a block just out of her reach. She can get around like this but as you can see, it is a bit awkward. It seems she is getting closer all the time, popping up on her haunches and acting like she is going to do it and then she just goes back to the face method.

Ru was a little bit of a late crawler and for a long time she only used one knee. I try to let Sailor go at her own rate like we did Ru but it is hard, seeing other kids her age that are not only crawling but crawling well and fast. I know it will come, until then...more practice.

Friday, March 2, 2012

Musical Genius

There are always plenty of instruments laying around the house, real and toy versions. Ru has been writing her own songs and singing and playing them for us. The day this was taken was a real treat, she was in full on Rock&Roll mode. Here she is, channeling Pete Townshend, on her soon to be #1 hit "Takin' a Bath."