Monday, March 26, 2012

What Always Happens On Break

It's the classic case: olivia and the girls head out of town and I stay at home. While they are gone, milestone after milestone get missed. Ruby came back with an even better grasp of language and vocabulary. Her use of sentence structure and grammar were vastly improved...and she grew a size. We've had to take the smaller things out of her wardrobe and box them up for little sister.

Speaking of Sailor, her side of face crawl evolved and now she is fully mobile. Her method more or less consists of pulling along with her arms while scooting her legs after the arms are extended and planted. Her appetite has also increased and formula is a thing of the past. She will kill some whole milk and has gotten to the point of refusing to eat food she doesn't like as opposed to just devouring whatever you put in front of her.

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