Monday, March 12, 2012


I've heard parents talk about the troubles they have had getting their kids to eat.
We have had no such troubles.

Ru seems to be always hungry and would eat all day if you let her. She is also a great sport about trying new things, even if she spits them out immediately she will at least give it ago. She has her staples: granola bars, waffles, cereal, bananas, PB&J, etc but will occasionally request something out of the box. I've started letting her make meal decisions, which has ended with good wholesome meals...and once with Yogurt Lab for lunch.

Sailor is following quickly in her footsteps. Once we introduced solid foods she all but quit taking formula. She digs whole milk and will kill a sippy cup full while we watch astonished. Her staples are applesauce with oatmeal, mashed bananas or sweet potatoes, puffs and baby yogurt. When she starts full time on solid foods, we'll have to stock our pantry because these girls are serious.

What difficulties do you have with your kids or getting them to eat? Are your kids like ours: hungry and open to different foods? Leave a comment below!


  1. JT-Thanks for the link to this blog-good stuff! Our daughter eats like a champ and we can always tell when she is going through a growth spurt!

  2. Our daughter is the same and is willing to at least try pretty much anything. She has her nights where she isn't interested but most the time she's great at eating whatever we serve and trying new things. The only problem we have is she's obsessed with food being too hot. If it's any more than just a little warm she gets very upset and refuses to eat any more of that item for the night.

  3. Chris-I've noticed the same in our youngest. There are some times she just seems ravenous and will eat and eat and eat. I think the day will come soon when she passes her big sister size wise.

    Amanda-we haven't had any temperature issues. I am careful to make sure the food won't burn them but they never have a problem with hot or cold.

  4. My niece Ava is a pretty picky eater -- just like her mom (my sister). That having been said, she would eat the entire candy aisle of Target if we let her. We don't let her have hardly ANY sweets -- almost no chocolate, nothing from the sweets section at the gas station, etc., and she only drinks milk or juice. Instead, she eats fruit cups, yogurt, bananas, grapes, applesauce -- that sort of thing for her zert, as she calls it. She LOVES sweet tea, but knows its forbidden, and luckily, she's really good at telling on herself; if she goes somewhere where somebody gives her some, she always comes home and crows about it -- and then gets straight busted. She LOVES steak -- the rarer the better -- which I am inordinately proud of, because that's ALL me and my mom (we want it still mooing). She absolutely HATES pizza, which some people think of as weird and freaky, a kid hating pizza, but I was the exact same way when I was her age and I still only eat it maybe twice a year. I wish she was more adventurous, but she is what she is. What she DOES eat, however, she eats a TON OF -- she always wants to go with something in her hand. I tell her she's a bottomless pit, and I'm right; whenever she comes to spend the night with me and Jared, our fridge is absolutely DECIMATED when she leaves and we're basically eating whatever she wasn't able to get to, which typically amounts to saltines, dust bunnies, and wine.

  5. The more I am around kids for playdates and such I always notice their individualities and I think of each quirk as a plus. Kids with personality are the best. A kid who loves steak but hates pizza and rats on herself for doing wrong...gotta love it.

    Saltines, dust bunnies and wine are considered a delicacy in some countries. You owe her one...