Monday, August 26, 2013

Popsicle Party

     Ru's school had a welcome back popsicle party this morning. All of Ru's classmates were there and they got a good chance to get reacquainted and spend a little time on the playground. She also got to see her new classroom. I went to the same preschool when I was a kid so it was kind of surreal. She is in the same room with the same teacher I had. Seeing it all again jogged my memory and made me relive things I had not thought about in quite some time.
     Sailor will also be attending this year. We are happy that the girls will both be going to the same school. Sailor will only be going 2 days a week for three hours per day but the socialization will be good for her. In an interesting twist, this will give me a couple weekdays where I have a few hours to myself. The lack of socialization for those hours will be really good for me.

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