Monday, December 3, 2012

It's Beginning...

to look a lot like Christmas. We got the tree down from the rafters yesterday and cracked open the gigantic Rubbermaid bin that holds all of our ornaments and decorations. Our tradition has become decorating on a Sunday afternoon while listening to a Bluegrass Christmas CD.
     The girls were stoked and had a blast helping us put the ornaments up. Ruby refers to them as "toys" and spent time with each one before hanging it on the branches. Sailor is old enough now to appreciate and enjoy it all. Now we'll just have to see how long they stay on the tree and we've already had to get onto them for taking the ornaments off. 


  1. We've decided it's not worth the battle so instead we decorate with intent to play. All the lower ones are non breakable and we've told Ella she can move them around and redecorate if she wants. She will sometimes go and rearrange some stuff or wonder around with some in her hands then put them back on the tree.

  2. That would be nice if the girls would do it like that...but they don't. I've found ornaments all over the house: in the garbage can, the bathroom, etc. It is "hands off" this year. I am hoping next year will be a little easier and we won't have to be so strict with it.