Friday, December 14, 2012

Seeing Santa...

     It was just supposed to be another routine trip to the Rec Center. The girls did comment on the bright, shining tree visible through the office windows. On the way to the door they spotted a certain winter celebrity sitting in a large red and white chair.
     Ruby started shouting "Santa is here" and pointed at him for Sailor. "Sailor, Santa is here!" We had no idea they were doing Santa photos. This was a much bigger and better experience for the girls than the mall Santa would have been. There were no other kids in line or in the room so they were able to get some quality time with him.
     Ruby talked his ear off about her school and everything she wanted. Sailor was a good sport, a little confused maybe (see the photo) but did not cry or cause a scene. Ruby has told everyone about seeing and talking to Santa. We were fortunate to stumble into this, I think it was an experience they won't soon forget.
Props and thanks to the City of Hoover Rec Center, well done.

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