Monday, December 10, 2012


     It is 3:37am on Sunday morning. I am typing this now so I don't have to think back on it later at which point I am sure I'll botch the details. An awesome friend from high school blew up my phone and made sure I went to my 15 year high school reunion and all I can say is it might just have been the best decision someone else made for me ever.
     To everyone who I saw that I haven't seen in years, it did my soul good to talk to you. Even the briefest moment was awesome. I drank and danced and acted like a total idiot. We partied like it was 1997 and for that time, anything that happened outside of the awkwardness of the pool and hot tub showroom we found ourselves in was completely irrelevant.
     How does this relate? There are a couple ways.
     No joke, people talked a lot about how awesome my wife and kids are without me starting the conversation. If you know them, it isn't hard to imagine. We thought before my snip that we'd have a promising future in producing beautiful babies and selling them on the black market but no kidding...someone else suggested this to me tonight. And all the complements about my wife...forget it.
     Secondly, I hope that one day my children have friendships and relationships that they can look back on so fondly. I worry that the generations after us may become so obsessed with technology and screen to screen vs. face to face communication that any true connection becomes obsolete. I literally saw two teenagers at the mall today and both of them were on seperate calls while they were walking "together." I know it has been 15 years and I am flirting with being an old fart but...really? Is this the future?
PS. I don't dance, any photos or video you saw on facebook or elsewhere on the net is photoshopped or done with cgi. Special thanks to the people who made this happen, well done. Also, to all the folks who knew about the party and missed it, you might have just skipped the best thing to happen to our class since '93-'97.

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