Friday, December 9, 2011

Poopy, pee-pee, baby toss, and flash cards

Sometimes, during the average day at home I think "Dear God, what have I gotten myself into?" The rest of the time I'm sleeping...

Yesterday Ruby had an obvious poopy. I use the word obvious because there is a very distinct walk associated with said poopy and today the smell hit me before I even knew she was in the room. As I changed her, I came to realize she was wearing pants and three pairs of panties, which I thought was pretty cute. After removing the last pair of panties, I discovered there was not a diaper or pullup under all of it...which was not cute at all. Sometimes all you can do is laugh. This is because we save the crying for late at night, next to each other in bed, curled comfortably into the fetal position.

It is a pretty typical parent thing to do to hold your child above your head and give them a gentle toss. Sailor thinks this is the greatest thing in the world. I enjoy it too...up until the point that she vomits on me and then I tend to lose interest in this activity. The doctor told us when a baby vomits, the volume of said vomit is not as much as it appears to be. I think he is a liar. In fact, Sailor is a miracle of nature. I am fully certain that when I feed her 6 ounces and she decides after the feeding that the meal was not to her liking, at least 10-12 ounces ends up on my shirt..and the carpet...and sometimes the family dog.

People have been asking me a lot lately how I like being at home. I love it, it is simply the best job I've ever had. Most of the time it beats working in an office. I will say that none of the corporate jobs I've ever had required me to fish a sippy cup out of a urine filled toilet. I catch myself doing other crazy things from time to time, like tucking in dolly or arguing with Ruby about what an item on a flash card is. "Hey, I'm in my 30's. I am pretty sure I know the difference between a clock and a watch. You can even read it right here...oh wait. I guess you can't." Her flash cards are a little dated, we usually skip this one.

I bought these cards about a year ago. I am pretty sure nobody has used a "disk" like this in...way longer than a year ago. I have a twisted desire to add this one to the mix in the hopes that one day she'll see one and totally bust it out on someone. In my head, it would make them wonder if we were constantly revising old term papers we wrote in the 90's or maybe if we just played The Oregon Trail a lot.

Even the worst days are pretty awesome. Maybe it is just me but it seems to be getting easier and easier. I have become immune to bodily functions, fluids and solids. There is a scary calm that comes over me now. I can't count the number of times I've had baby crap on my hands and I can type that without even being disturbed. It is a little crazy, in retrospect that I used the word poopy a couple of times earlier and didn't think twice about it...

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  1. WOW! I used to save my homework on those when I was in middle school -- where I sat on school computers (the old school macs) and did absolutely nothing but play Oregon Trail. Have you any idea how happy I was when I saw this game in the iPhone app store?!