Monday, December 19, 2011


Paci's, a blessing and a curse. They can take a screaming child from freak out to utter calm in an instant...but they can be tough to wean your child off of. Ruby is 100%, without a doubt a pacifier addict. We tried once, when she was much younger, to eliminate them. It did not go well. It reminded me of the scene in Trainspotting when Renton's parents locked him in a room and made him try and quit heroin cold turkey. It wasn't pretty.

In my house, we have all varieties. There are clear ones, colored ones, big ones, little ones. Baby, infant, toy, etc. Ruby is real particular about hers, a real connoisseur. She will chew a hole in one and then it is no good to her anymore (which is fine because it is a danger once they are coming apart anyways). It always seems to be feast or famine around here too. Either there are fifty of them laying around the house and she could care less if she has one or I couldn't find one to save my life despite scouring all the locations we keep them as well as between couch cushions, under the bed, etc. 

Our goal now, and we have told Ruby this, is to be paci free come January 1, 2012. We have sought advice online and read tips and techniques. The best idea we have seen is to fabricate a story about a Paci Fairy and make it a grand affair. Get the paci's together for the fairy, have a big send off and end it all with a little toy that the fairy leaves overnight. They don't tell you what to do five minutes later when the newness of the toy wears off and the child starts needing their fix.

I've had to quit things before and it sucks. Never mind that she is two and not equipped to deal with change and loss or understand the reasons why. My child is smart and my hope is that she doesn't quickly realize that she had two little pacifiers attached to each hand. Sailor is already in this habit: no paci, the thumb goes into the mouth. I'd like to think in my head that this will go smoothly but I am lying to myself. In the back of my head I worry about some sort of permanent harm this could cause but I also try and think about the fact that I have at least 16 more years to undo any psychological damage before we release her to the wild.

Heaven help us...


  1. Have a little faith in Miss Ruby. I bet she is going to surprise you. We had a VERY rough time getting rid of MZ's bottle which surprised me since she gave up her paci on her own at two months. Ru gave up the bottle with no problem so I expected the same (Livi is my guide to mommy-hood :-) ) No, we experienced two weeks of Hell with her screaming "BaBa!" while pointing to the counter where the bottle drying rack lived her entire short life. I wanted to give in (What harm is it really for a three year-old to drink milk from a bottle?), but Justin was steadfast. That's all I have for you: be strong. It will suck. You will all live. Promise.

  2. Lauren started weaning her oldest off hers by only allowing her to have it when she was in her bed. Then, they "sent it away" to another baby to use...successfully. You've been prepping her, so I bet it goes well.

  3. Oooh, we are in the same boat! Ella only has them for bed and in the carseat but we need to get rid of them soon. I'd like them gone before next baby comes. Looking forward to hearing how the fairy thing works. I've been told to plant a "pacifier plant" which will magically grow to a flower overnight. Though like the fairy, there is little said about how to survive that overnight...

  4. It has not been going well...but getting better.