Monday, December 26, 2011

Christmas in Review

These are the three items Ruby asked for this year for Christmas: a sucker, yogurt and a chicken. The first two were easy. If you've ever had to shop for a stuffed chicken, you know that there is not much of a selection. The other options were a rubber chicken which I don't quite think is what she had in mind or a pack of breasts or strips from the supermarket which we knew would not survive the night in wrapping paper under the tree's hot lights. Sailor is still at the point of random babbles and coos so we had to just make our best guess.

Ruby ended up doing a bit better than her three requests. Castle tent, babydoll bed and high chair, an abacus, a chalk/paper easel...she made out like a bandit. Sailor got some baby mum-mums, a bead rollercoaster, a weightlifting tiger stuffed animal, stacking cups and joint ownership in the tent. 
olivia and I did good for each other as well seeing as we both went off our wish lists for gifts. I got a thermometer/compass/flashlight key-chain, a CD and the Pick Punch. olivia got Nicki Minaj's Pink Friday Deluxe Edition and O'Reilley's "Killing Lincoln." Mom was at the house most of the day. We ate and drank like maniacs and had a blast.

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