Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Christmas Eve Expedition

So we were among the rest of crazy folks who chose to brave the Galleria on Christmas Eve. Not only were we at the mall, we were there to see Santa. This is what we get for waiting until the last minute: an hour wait in a line that wrapped through the guiding gates and ropes and to the end of the Santa cul de sac behind a painfully un-festive mother and grandmother. I was not happy about the situation but I was ok with it because I knew what we were in for and that it was our own fault for waiting. These people acted so put out, like they expected to walk right up to Santa's lap and then be on their way.  

Here is a shot of our 2011 photo from the sidelines. Ruby talks a big game about Santa and didn't show an ounce of fright or hesitation in line. As soon as she got close she would not let go of olivia and was screaming her head off. All of "Santa's Helpers" were trying their best top get her to smile until olivia, in a raised voice, said "I don't care if she's not smiling" at which point they scattered and let the flashes pop. Sailor was a champ, most likely because she didn't know we were handing her off to a bearded stranger for a photo-op.
A ride on the carousel solves all. The past two times we've gone she has forgotten that the normal animals are gone and the only choices are reindeer and the sleigh. First it was the non-moving giraffe, this time she wanted to ride the cat. She's understanding and a good sport. I'm keeping score, we owe her two rides: one on the giraffe, one on the cat.
After Mom read the Ruby has become obsessed with paying for things, she gave Ruby a little purse with $5 in it. She thought it would be fun to let Ruby choose a toy and pay for it herself. This was an excellent concept but a lengthy process during which the choice changed and changed and changed again. Finally she settled on some Melissa and Doug washable markers and two little rubber penguins. She carried her bag and purse throughout the mall and to the which point she dropped them both falling asleep on the ride home.

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