Monday, December 12, 2011

Sweet casserole, dude.

It's Monday morning and I am struggling more than normal. The weekend's pace was brisk and sleep last night was great but I got far to little of it. Loading the washing machine this morning, I wondered if snorting a couple lines of detergent off the top of the washer would propel me through the day. I quickly realized what a crazy thought this was. It was so much easier to do a couple lines of coffee in the kitchen...the counter doesn't have a spin cycle.

Most of the time throughout the week I lose track of what day it is. I have to keep up through my odd homemaker ways, like whose clothes am I washing or what am I cleaning. Dirty burp cloths, small shirts and stuffed animals...yes, it's Monday.

Crazy how things have changed and what I get excited about now vs a couple months ago. Before it was a movie I saw, a good burger I ate or motorcycle stuff. Last Friday I organized our stack of coupons and was depressingly stoked about it. When I say organized I am not talking about some half-assed stack somewhere in the kitchen. Oh no, alphabetized in a box subdivided by category. Lately, this is about as action packed as it gets.

I am glad I have a couple male friends who are also dads. Unfortunately, none are stay-at-homes so there is limited common ground. I tend to talk to them more now because my friends who do not have kids can't relate. Even my male friends with kids haven't quite reached my level of domestication yet. Guy talk is quite the opposite of girl talk, lots if one word answers between sips of beer. Usually it reverts to sports which don't interest me at all so I fake it or just walk away while the other guy is still talking. What am I going to respond with, "Yeah, good game. So I made this tater-tot casserole the other day. The recipe was solid but I added a layer of baked beans to the mix to change it up. It was gnarly, high five!"

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