Monday, September 23, 2013

The Bird

     Somebody on a forum I belong to suggested last week that I did not have a "real job." Sure, technically speaking by the literal definition, he might be right. What was insinuated, that I do not work, is what I found bothersome. Below is my response. 

"Haha, that's rich.
I don't blame you for thinking that way though. Before I was a stay at home dad to two children I was pretty ignorant to how much hard work being a domestic engineer was. I can assure you, I don't watch soap operas all day while sitting on the couch eating bonbons...

If you've never had to be at the beck and call of another person, someone who was wholly unable to look after their own well being and needs, than you have no idea just how much work it is. Now add into the mix that this person does not listen to reason, has no knowledge of logic and at times will ignore everything you say to writhe on the ground in a fit and you can see where the tough part begins. Multiply it by two...that is what I deal with.

On top of that add cook, taxi driver, maid and catch-all to the list as well as changing shitty diapers and I would argue that my job is far more work and more "real" than most people's. Plus the money I save the household by being home vs putting the kids in day care each month is equal to enough income to pay the house note and some of the bills."

In case you are wondering about the bird...that is just for all the folks I've encountered in the past two years that share his mindset. Oddly enough, nearly all of them were morons who are lazy and couldn't handle it. Maybe this post should have been titled "The Punch in the Face."


  1. Boggles my mind! Real job. Hhhfffpmt. What could be more real that parenting.

  2. Nothing. I guess people who don't have kids really don't have a clue.

  3. JT-Many times I have been told, 'Why don't you get a real job?' That tends to rile me up! But, I would like to ask them what a 'real job' is but I don't want to loose my 'fake' job...Don't sweat it brother, you are a ruler!

  4. I just *love it* when people say "Oh, so you don't work any more?"

  5. Chris-like Kellet said, nothing is more real. Some days though, I wish I was jockeying a desk!

    Amanda-I never worked this hard at another job. Cooking, cleaning, dishes, laundry...

    Wes-I've got probably about 7 months until I have to start looking at going back and I have mixed emotions about it. For now, I'm not going anywhere.