Friday, September 20, 2013

Mythical Creatures

     You won't find the Southeastern Stay-at-Home Dad on this list, or any other list for that matter. Perhaps that is really how rare they are. I have heard tell of sightings and begged for more information only to come back empty handed. I have been pretty sad at times, thinking that I was the only one. That is until last week where I was actually introduced to another one. Holy cow! It took two years but I finally had a playdate with another stay-at-home dad!
     We met at a park and Sailor and his daughter killed it on the playground while he and I lamented our previous experiences being ostracized and shunned by stay-at-home moms. We bonded over our similarities and our surprise at the costs of daycare. We shared tips and tricks and discussed all the manly things we've forced our daughters into. It was awesome and we were both stoked.
     In the end, the girls cooled their jets and ate a snack while we sat and bathed in the warm glow of catharsis. We made plans to meet again and talked about where we should go. I was surprised that he had met one other stay-at-home dad and it made me want to form a network or support group. Having harbored these feelings of being alone and experiencing the desperation and loneliness, I wanted to get in touch with other dads like us and let them know they are not alone.
     Or maybe I just want more guys with kids and no jobs to drink beer with. You be the judge...and seriously, if you are reading this and you know a stay-at-home dad in or around Birmingham, please send him my way. 


  1. My cousin is a stay at home dad in Atlanta - he had the same issue

  2. Wow, in Atlanta? That is a little mind blowing to me...