Friday, September 13, 2013


     The girls have started producing a lot of their art. They color with pencils, crayons and markers or just about anything they can. In addition to paper, I've found color on walls, furniture, the carpets, the fridge...its pretty much everywhere. I can think of at least one previous post on this blog where I had to clean crayon off the the big screen tv.
     I used to try and clean it all immediately. I guess part of learning to be a parent is learning not to freak out about everything because believe me, there can be a lot to freak out about. In a few years when everything settles down a bit and the girls learn better control, self and otherwise, I'll have to spend a couple week going over everything in the house with a Mr. Clean Magic Eraser.  Until them, I'm just going with the flow...and learning to live in a house covered in color streaks.


  1. Nice! Color is always better than dirty finger streaks which is all over my computers and t.v. screens!

  2. Oh don't think we don't have those as well. Sometimes I think they just dip their hands in goop and run them down the walls on purpose. I've also had to clean chalk out of surround sound speakers after they used the grille as a grater. Good stuff.