Monday, September 30, 2013

Nintendo Power

     A week or so back, I was hanging out at my Mom's place. I was getting ready to leave and she handed me a freezer bag full of stuff. The content was varied, everything from old report cards and magazines to drawings and folded posters. All of these items were things I had given my Dad when I was a kid to hold onto. Mom debated on giving them to me and had actually thrown them in the trash and decided last minute to fish them out.
     A lot of the stuff was good nostalgia but had no value to anyone other than me. The one item that caught my eye was an old issue of Nintendo's player magazine, Nintendo Power. This issue was the premiere edition and was in great shape. I did a little research and found out that not only was this a sought after item but that two key components in the issue were considered somewhat rare: the included fold out map and a rear poll card. My issue had both.
     I listed it on ebay later that day. I didn't get a huge amount for it ($73.00) but for something that had been sitting in the basement since my childhood and that had gone in the trash, I was pretty surprised and happy that I got anything for it. I wonder what made the 10 year old me think that this was worth setting aside. I wonder what the girls will be giving me to hold onto.      

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