Monday, February 20, 2012

Valentines Day

It started out as a normal Tuesday morning. It was dark, wet and gloomy but there were signs of life and everything seemed to be going well enough. My goal was to get olivia breakfast and coffee for Valentine's Day and I did. My undoing came as a result of my promptness. I left the house at 5:40am and got to the bakery a little before they opened. The five minutes I chose to listen to the radio waiting for them to unlock the door was enough to kill off the old and slowly dying battery in her car. Her morning was spent getting the kids up, dressed, fed and in the car to rescue daddy on a rainy, ugly morning. Add to this that she did it all without complaint and a smile on her face and you can understand just one of the reasons I wanted to surprise her with something nice in the first place. At least I had good intentions...
I took the girls and we got a new battery for the car...what a grown up gift. Ru helped me pick out some flowers and a small box of chocolates as well as the card and all three of us signed it, two with help. We hope your day was great despite a rocky start. We love you...

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  1. It was the best Valentine's day ever, as is every day, because I have you three. I love you!