Monday, February 13, 2012

Extreme Parenting

Caution: NSFW

Not sure how well fighting fire with, well... gunshots will work but I bet the video gets her attention.
I admire the tough love, I'm a believer in that approach. I'm just not sure this sends the right message.
The dad has caught a lot of flack as the internet comment engines start spinning.
What do you think about the video and where do you see this family in a year?


  1. I think he deserves an award. And I'm pretty sure his daughter won't end up on drugs or pregnant at 15 like so many young girls today. Respect has just gone out the window. I was 6'3 and about 250 and 15 or 16 and my mom beat my ass in a Jack's one time for telling her to piss off. I just don't see how these kids on the talk show ever get to that point, of I'm 13 and smoke crack and have sex and cuss at my parents. But I guarantee we'd have less of them with more dads like this. But that sadistic judge should rot in hell, he got off way to much beating his kid.