Monday, February 6, 2012


This weekend was certainly one.
To recap, Friday I celebrated an early Valentines day with olivia by consuming fantastic Italian food and a couple bottles of champagne. Saturday we attended an awesome robot themed birthday party and caught up with some friends we don't see nearly enough. While the girls napped, I ran and caught up with some motorcycle folks (again who I don't get to see enough) and helped a buddy with a rim and wheel project.
Sunday the girls went to church with Mom and I went to play music and work on a project with yet another friend. Sunday night olivia made a great looking meatloaf with turkey that very well may have gone bad as it did not smell as good as it looked.

Word to the wise, don't watch old episodes of Hoarders while deciding whether or not to eat foods that may have passed the expiration date. You'll throw your food out every time.

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