Monday, February 27, 2012

Espresso Update

I feel like I have been born again, found Jesus, insert religious related idiom here, etc. Coffee nirvana, I have arrived. Regular coffee can kiss my ass, this is the only way to fly. It is 10:30am, normally I would be through with one regular pot. That thing is over half full. I can't tell if I am genuinely this excited about coffee or if the extra caffeine is contributing to a shaky, soon to crash zen-energy.

On a down note, I realize I have no restraint when it comes to espresso.  I said today I would stop at two...not so much.
The business end of my new love affair. Brew baby brew!
Here is my procedure:
Measure and pour one cup of water into machine
Load coffee
Switch machine on
Put 1 packet of sweet and low and 1 tsp creamer into mug
Pour espresso into mug
Top off with coffee and stir
Enjoy the awesome


  1. Babe, you are drinking too much. I may need to do an espresso intervention.

  2. FANTASTIC!!! Since you have it working I'll send Olivia home with the coffee in my freezer that has been ground for an espresso machine. (Does that make me a pusher or just the supplier???)

  3. I used to have one of those...keep thinking about getting another one, just hadn't done it yet...I heard that Keureg was coming out with a new pot that will do expresso too...might wait for that.

  4. Kellet-call it whatever you want, we love it and we'll take it!

    Unknown-I don't know much about the Keureg but I don't see it being convenient for me as I usually drink a pot a day. Seems like a lot of brewing and messing around. I like just being able to walk up and pour (which isn't easy with the crappy pot on our current maker, but that's another story).