Friday, June 14, 2013


     I keep telling myself it hasn't even been a week yet...we are struggling with the adjustment of both girls sleeping in the same room. We try to keep the bed time playing, talking and laughing to a minimum but the kids are determined and its common to have to go in a few times to settle them down. It hasn't helped that other changes have been taking place at the same time. Ru is out of school for the summer, olivia's schedule has changed, etc. It has been a lot to deal with all at once.
     What really makes the difference easy to see is the girls' moods the next day. Their attitudes are reflective of not getting as much sleep. This has effected nap time too so it really hits us hard some days. I do my best to quash it and it is getting better but its a process. I am hoping by the end of next week things will be closer to normal.
     It been so crazy this week we haven't even finished the furniture transitions. We looked at the calendar to schedule our Ikea trip and we have so much going on that it will likely have to wait until August unless we can squeeze it in somewhere or have something cancel. I am itching to get it done and confine all the toys to one area as opposed to where they are now...all over every available area of the house.

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