Friday, June 7, 2013

Kids Say...

     We have a bit of a first today, a guest poster of sorts. My Mom was nice enough to watch the girls this past weekend during our yard sale. She sent me this e-mail after and with her permission, I am sharing it here.

 "Ruby never ceases to make me laugh -------- Three funny things she said at my condo yesterday:
She was most upset that I let a 'stranger' into the condo while she was here and talked about it at length.  Who?  The air conditioner repair man.  (In May she told me she would not talk to Miss Amy's substitute teacher because she was a stranger.  Miss Faye eventually told her it was ok to talk to her.)
I was trying to do some prep for the food I was making to take to a party last night, making the girls' and my lunches, etc.  The kitchen was a mess when I sat down to eat lunch with them, and Ru said, "GG, Mommy says you should always clean up after yourself while you're cooking."
I heard Ru in the living room while I was in the den playing with Sailor, and asked her what she was doing.  She said, "Setting up for my yard sale".  She had my figurines, paper weights, candles, etc, lined up in rows on the coffee table.
I can hardly wait until Sailor starts talking in sentences to hear what comes out of her mouth.  They are such a joy to me!!!"

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