Friday, May 31, 2013

Fountain/Carousel Update #2

     Looks like the mall is prepping for the concrete pour. I'll also say that I'm not only standing by my estimate of the process taking twice as long as I was told but now I suspect it will take even longer. It took forever for them to get this far and they clearly have lots of other things they are trying to manage elsewhere in the mall. Like this...
     Part of new tenant Von Maur's stipulations when they came in was that the elevators be moved to the rear left side of the food court to clear up their frontage. Call me crazy but I consider this to be a terrible move aesthetically speaking. Remember that vertical space we talked about regarding the fountain? The last thing that was filling it up is about to be gone. Not to mention the glass faced elevators that used to provide a good overlook of the food court will be lost.
      To say that I am not a big fan of these renovations and updates would be an understatement. I was also surprised at the number of empty stores in the mall as well. I'm not an expert on the retail buying cycle but I would have thought stores would have been prepping for summer, not leaving. Just for the record, turning an empty store front into an advertisement for other stores is kind of silly too. I was worried when I heard the management company that killed Century Plaza had taken over the Galleria. Looks like my fears came with good reason. Hopefully this makeover isn't just polishing brass on the Titanic. 

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