Friday, May 10, 2013

Monster Spray

     When I was a kid, I had a bout with monster paranoia. My young mind raced vividly each night with visions of otherworldly creatures who were waiting to spring out once my parents left the room or the lights went off. At some point, my folks decided enough was enough and picked up a bottle from who knows where called "Monster Spray." I'm not sure what the liquid actually was but I remember it was red and had a sweet scent. I also remember the label had a drawing of a happy child, in bed under the covers with his eyes closed. I'm pretty sure the fact that I remember is so well is a testament to how effective it was.
     Ruby is having a bout now with the same paranoia. I overheard olivia trying to reassure her earlier this week and rushed to grab the spray bottle. I took it into Ruby's room and announced what it was, much to her and olivia's surprise. It just has water in it, no color or scent, but it got the job done. Ruby was able to get to sleep that night and every night since.
     The only downside it that everything in her room has to get a little misting before bedtime. I decided to label it yesterday in an effort to increase its placebo effects. Ruby asked why it had a skeleton on it. I told her it was strong stuff as it had to be strong enough to keep monsters away. Last night she was sure that I didn't spray anywhere near her and spent the duration of my spraying under the covers.
     I wonder how long it will take her to realize that since we are using monster spray that we have in some small way confirmed a bit of her paranoia. It is questions like this that you will wonder about as you get deeper and deeper into parenthood. It's crazy but it is also an immeasurable amount of fun.

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