Monday, May 6, 2013

Creepiest Baby on the Block

     Sailor is a great baby. I mean great. Sure...she gets into things she shouldn't now and then. Occasionally, despite her new age increase, she will still dump a plate of food on her own head ...and I'm cool with that. There is something that she does that honestly, I am a little bit afraid to talk about.
     Sometimes when I go to get her up in the morning or from a nap, the lack of noise coming from her room will make me think that she is still asleep. On repeated occasions, I've been startled to find her sitting right up in her bed or crib looking toward the door. In a dark room with a noise machine going...lets just say that a calm little wide awake baby staring at you...into you...through you...well folks, that's just the stuff that horror movies are made of.
     There have been a couple other times that I have found her sleeping only to walk up and have her open her eyes up and focus right on me as soon as I look down at her. I'm not easily scared but a couple times, the speed with which her lids launched open, well I won't say I jumped and screamed like a frightened child. I mean, it might have happened like that, but I'm sure not going to admit it.
     I think the next step will probably be me going in to get her and everything will be floating, suspended in the air. She'll notice me and it will all come crashing down. After that its prom queen, a bath in pig's blood and years and years of therapy. Just what we need, another thing to start saving for...


  1. Ugh Scarlet does this too! I will go in in the morning thinking she is still asleep and turn on the light to pick out her clothes & about shit my pants. She will just be sitting there holding a lovie and looking at the door!

  2. From my mom about this post on facebook: "Ya'll, this is so true. I have had it happen to me. I went in to check on her, not making a sound and soon as I focused in on her, her eyes pop wide open--she doesn't move or say anything. It's like she is still asleep with her eyes open looking at you. She didn't move and I slipped out of the room and never heard a peep from her. Livi and I were laughing so hard and went to tell JT and the first thing he said was, "Did spooky baby come out?" So funny. lol"

  3. Sailor did it again this morning, not a peep all morning and when I went into her room there she was just creepy as can be.