Monday, January 30, 2012


Fair warning: if you can't tell from the photo above and the title, this post is going to be about diapers, the potty and bodily functions. If you are squeamish, easily offended or disgusted...sit this one out. 

If you've been following along, you know at this point we are well in to Ruby's potty training. Before I had children, I thought I led a pretty exciting life: riding motorcycles, crossing state lines, often going bar to bar until the sun came up and waking up not knowing where the stains and funny smells came from.  This was nothing in comparison to my life post children: constant baby and toddler screaming, children playing and running around generally getting into everything, trying to calm a sick child until the sun comes up and now I wake up and know EXACTLY where the stains and funny smells came from. 

Ruby's plastic Ikea potty is small and simple, two things we loved about it that influenced us in the selection process. The other feature we never thought about was it's portability. This is both a blessing and a curse. She gets very excited upon a successful pee and has on more than one occasion been running into the room carrying the potty, tripped and fell spilling fresh urine all over the carpet. Last week she bounced into the kitchen and sloshed it all over herself and the floor. 

Sailor has had some trouble adjusting to solid foods. By trouble I mean the food isn't the only thing that is solid and in some needs a little coercion to come out. The other morning she was crying and picking her up I felt the offending lump in her diaper. When I went to change her it was...what's the best way to say this...still attached? Thank God olivia hadn't left for work yet. Although I usually feel that I do pretty good, on this occasion I failed  in every way possible. I was not ready for this and all but ran away screaming like a school girl. Apparently the method is to spread their cheeks and push their legs back until they exert a little force and the movement is complete. I was out on this one at "spread their cheeks."

Looking on the bright side, I am changing roughly half the poopy diapers as Ruby gets better and more consistent with going. In addition to using when asked, if she needs to go she just finds the roaming potty and goes. Solid foods for Sailor is not all bad either. The other day I fed her some mashed sweet potatoes. I opened a diaper later and it smelled like Yankee Candle Company... 

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