Monday, January 23, 2012


We've always tried to foster an independent nature for the kids. We are not afraid to let them try doing things themselves even if we feel like they will fail. Ruby has taken this and ran with it and now so much so that if you won't let her do it, she gets very upset and unhappy until you let her. She is quick to ask for help when she needs it so we feel like this is a win.

Getting dressed has become a big part of her day. It is always fun for us to see the outfits she comes up with. Here are a few shots from the past couple weeks.

On a related note, Sailor is in full-on hold the bottle herself mode. Sometimes she kicks it one handed with the other arm hanging out the side of the swing.


  1. Ruby is a girl after my own fashionista heart

  2. She's pretty hilarious. olivia gets mad because I let her wear pajamas tops and bottoms out in public. Just letting her do her own thing...and it is pretty hard to keep her from doing that when I wear my pajamas all day...including in public.