Monday, January 16, 2012

Dark Black Gold

Coffee: I'm an addict and I am not ashamed.
Black, loaded, decaf, flavored, strong, weak...I dig it. Some days I drink a whole pot of the caffeinated goodness before I make myself switch to unleaded for the second pot. My default cheap coffee go-to was Maxwell House Master Blend but the marketing genius of Black Silk intrigued me and did not fail to deliver. I'd walk around with an iv drip of the stuff if I could. I used to take it with cream and sweetener. Since switching to black I seem to be drinking a lot more.

The coffee maker in the picture is the bane of my existence. I HATE it. It brews ok but can't pour to save it's pathetic plastic life. For every mug I pour, another half mug ends up on the counter. Serves me right for buying a coffee maker made by the same company that makes power tools. We used to have an awesome Mr. Coffee maker that we loved but it bit the dust a couple Christmases ago (the one when it snowed). We buried him in the back yard. I broke the cold ground with a shovel as an icy tear ran down my cheek. Sometimes I take a mug out in the back yard and stare at his final resting place. I always pour a little out and remember the good times.

I've had two Bodum glass French presses. I love them but I am not easy on them. The carafes are prone to breaking, hence they sell replacement glass. Wish I had known this before I threw out two perfectly good presses that just needed new glass. We've toyed with the idea of getting a maker with an espresso machine. I know, I know. I am not so blind that I cannot see that this would be like introducing a pot smoker to mainlining heroin...but I want it. When this coffee maker bites it, I might just invite a Starbucks franchise to set up next to our refrigerator.


  1. "I always pour a little out and remember the good times." LOL!! I hope you whisper "This one's for my homies" under your breath while doing so.

  2. Either under my breath...or shouting, looking up to the sky with defiant rage. Depends on what time in the morning I go outside.
    Thanks for reading!

  3. I have serious coffee envy. I gave it up when I got pregnant then Ryan moved me to the Great Coffee Wasteland. I'm sorry, but a huge selection of instant coffee in the grocery aisle with no regular coffee to be had is not going to work for me. I think I'm going to learn to appreciate tea. :( Have a cup for me, would you?

  4. If you are serious about switching to tea, you should check out Teavana. We were suckered into the retail location near us by free samples. Getting serious can be a sizable investment IF you opt for their decorative cast iron gear. You can get in for less if you select some of the plastic brewers. They also recommended a blend of two teas that would reproduce the stimulation of caffeine but naturally and longer lasting. They also sell unrefined beet sweetener that will not kill the health benefits of tea like refined sugar will. May be worth a look.

  5. Oooh! Thanks! I'll have to check it out.