Wednesday, October 19, 2011

The girls and more about us

Most of you who follow this blog probably know about the girls through me or my wife but here is a brief introduction to get those who don't up to speed and so I can refer to them by name going forward.

Ruby is my oldest, two years and moving forward by leaps and bounds. She is tiny, blonde and into stacking blocks, reading books, playing with our dog, dance class and vehicles (most notable our cars, my motorcycles and the firetruck that came to her school). She is a bottomless pit and will eat anything you throw at her. Mommy likes to dress her in pink and cute dresses...Daddy puts her in jeans, t-shirts and her Converse sneakers or boots. She is named for my wife's great aunt, we keep a picture of her on Ruby's dresser.

The baby girl is Sailor, almost the same size as her big sister at only six months. She if the definition of a great baby, always happy and smiling. She loves her swing and some white noise. She is still at the point where everything is new and fresh and she spends a good deal of her time drop-jawed. We got the name from a baby book and just dug it. We only know of one other girl with this name...and she lives three hours away. Her middle name, Jane, is after my mother-in-law Janet.

We live near the end of a cul-de-sac in Bluff Park, a suburb of Hoover, Alabama. We chose our location for proximity and the school system. It is a safe, quiet neighborhood with a good deal of small, locally owned businesses. We spend most of our time at home inside or in the yard when it is nice out or at the community playground a short walk away. We have been here for several years and love it, I can't see us having a family anywhere else.

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