Monday, October 17, 2011


Up and making bottles for the baby and lunches for my wife and my oldest child. The coffee machine is up, gurgling and popping right next to me. I am a little exhausted today but motivated. I unload the dishes, reload the washer, hand wash some pots and wipe everything down. The girls were up late and played hard. They slept in and I was able to get my wife out the door with lunch, coffee and a kiss before the house really started moving.

Our dog barked furiously when the hallway door opened but calmed quickly when a familiar face came out. She was in a great mood and ready for some breakfast. Cheerios were on the counter, ready to be milked. I made the bowl earlier. She rarely wants anything else. She asked for mommy, I'm still having to explain that she is at work and trying to distract her from thinking too much about it. She asked to see her sister too, so we woke her up and fed her.

The baby went back to sleep so we cleaned the rest of the house. She is great at running things to her or her sister's hamper or to the trash but not yet to the point of being able to actually put specific things in their place without specific direction but some help is better than none and I am glad she is even willing.

Cleaning her room she came across a book and would not go on until we stopped and read it...three times. It was getting close to go-time and I told her we needed to get ready. I asked if she wanted to go to school and she said no. I asked if she wanted to stay home with daddy and she said yes. So far this Monday has not been so bad.

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