Friday, October 14, 2011

"come back mommy..."

It is 7:50 am on Friday morning. I have survived the first few days. The girl's daycare requires 30 days notice if you are withdrawing them so for now, they are still going four hours a day. Thankfully we've already paid for it and it has provided a buffer of sorts between working and being at home full time.

Today was a bit of a heart-breaker. My oldest was very clingy and did not want my wife to leave for work. She spent ten minutes at the closed front door, crying and screaming for my wife. She was inconsolable. Realizing that her actions had done nothing to get mommy home, she walked into the den and we read some books and looked at family photos on the computer. She always likes to pick out each of us and tell me who is in each shot.

The baby was in her crib having the time of her life with plastic links and a stuffed pink puppy that rattles when you shake it. I've started keeping her in the bumbo facing the window. I keep the blinds up so she can see out. We use an old clock radio as a white noise generator. I was looking for some music while cleaning the nursery when I came to NPR. The coverage was interesting and I let it sit for a minute. The baby seemed to be interested too, her facial expression changed and she seemed hooked on every word.

My wife is a big phone talker and my two year old is following right in her foot steps. The apple doesn't fall far from the tree. Both kids seem to love a disembodied voice coming from a plastic box. I am always inspired by the joy my children take in the smallest things, I wish that I got as excited about anything as they get about everything.

Wednesday I did the entire house's laundry and had some help folding. By help, I mean each item was laid out and rolled up and placed haphazardly on the table where we fold. She wants to help with everything: laundry, cleaning, working on the motorcycle. I am happy she is so involved and glad to have this time,. I already fear the teenage years where I will go from best friend to the the enemy. It is unavoidable so I will take every moment I can while they last .


  1. I am so happy you guys are doing this. And, I am also so happy your wife is such a phone talker.

  2. "I wish that I got as excited about anything as they get about everything." Agree. It's sad we can't hold onto that as adults. I love hearing kids scream, "THIS IS THE BEST DAY OF MY ENTIRE LIFE!" (...over something seemingly trivial to an adult.)