Monday, January 20, 2014

Ru and Music

     Ruby really has a thing for music. She always asks about songs on the radio and we talk about the artists a bit or the song itself. Lately her own songs have gotten a lot better too with real structure and repetition. Previously she would make up a song and sing it once and you would never hear it again. This past weekend olivia and I talked and realized she had sung the same song to us on separate occasions.  
     Playing Guitar Hero at the arcade? Her idea. She couldn't quite get the fretting part down but she was a champ at strumming. Her rhythm and sync with the notes on screen was off here and there. That said, I saw focus and enjoyment that was a bit surprising. The song she chose, "Hit Me With Your Best Shot", has also become a staple in her daily singing rotation as well.
     Since most of you probably remember this post, I'll share that Ruby has another band. This project is called "The Cribs" and also features Sailor and their friend Ellison. Ruby sings, Sailor plays guitar and Ellison is on drums. It is more hip-hop flavored than SMF's rock stylings. While I'll say that I am proud of her variety and range, I am a little jealous of her ability to come up with band names. Anyone who has ever been in a band will tell you, coming up with a name is by far the hardest part.