Friday, July 19, 2013


     Thanks to the proceeds from our yard sale and a birthday gift card from friends, we were able to make a run to Ikea in Atlanta and get the last pieces we needed to complete the playroom. A trip to this city for me always includes a meal at The Vortex. This day was no exception. I opted for the Four Horsemen and olivia the Fat Elvis. Yep, thats right and the whole menu is stuff like that. Seriously, if you've never been, do yourself a favor and schedule a trip.
     Shopping at Ikea has to include a walk-through of the showroom so you can lust for things you want but don't need or just can't afford. There was a lot of this on our adventure and we both had to remind each other to stay focused. An inexpensive french press and a couple toiletry bags made their way into our shopping bag which is a miracle given our past impulse buys.
     The big ticket items were the sleeper sofa and the storage shelf and bins. This will help the playroom to double as a guest room and keep it organized. There is a ton of stuff here that needed good storage and while we haven't had a chance to run through it all and get it where it needs to be, this was a giant step in the right direction.
     My wife really deserves a pat on the back for the whole bedroom and playroom project. From concept to execution, she's nailed it and not been afraid to get her hands dirty. I didn't have to do anything during the painting of the beds and she did most of the assembly on the Ikea furniture. I'm stoked on the progress and even more excited to see it once everything has been gone through, the wall decorations hung and we can call it done.

     And since I can't hear the name Ikea without thinking of this song, I am going to bless/curse you with the gift also. You're welcome!


  1. A trip to Ikea for us is like the movie, "Enter The Dragon"; every turn is a challenge, 'need or want'? Or, "I-probably-could-use-that"...The Vortex looks awesome except no kids allowed? Adios! IFFI

  2. Ikea is rad but there is never enough time or money.
    Yeah Chris, several years ago Atlanta passed a pretty stringent smoking ban and the Vortex's response was to apply an age limit for entry to allow their patrons to smoke. It is really a bar that serves killer food vs a restaurant that serves drinks, if you follow what I am saying. In either case, its my favorite restaurant so if I am ever remotely close, I go.