Friday, July 12, 2013

A little help...

If you have met Sailor, chances are you have seen this blanket as well. She is very attached to Linus attached. We have worries about what would happen if anything were to happen to it so we've been looking to find another one. I have scoured the net and have been unable to locate it. We know it was store bought but the person who gave it to her can't recall where it came from. So those of you who find yourselves in places where baby things are sold, if if you recognize where we can grab a spare, please please please let us know.


  1. My daughter had a white woven cotton blanket that her grandmother gave her when she was born. She slept with that thing every night of her life and even took it to college. She particularly wanted it across her neck. It got more and more tattered and thin, so bad that we were afraid to wash it, so then it smelled funky. I think it finally just disintegrated into the atmosphere, because she can't find it any more.

    If you don't find a new one, just hope it lasts long enough for Sailor to achieve the age of reason!

  2. I still have the baby blanket that my grandmother made for me.
    Well, I gave it to Sailor but she much prefers this one.
    I am sure it will last but it is rough in several places...and if it doesn't, she could always move to the other one.
    Wishful thinking probably...