Monday, November 5, 2012


So the weekend was pretty much a blur...but a wonderful, awesome blur. We had a lot of family come through, tons of coming and going, all for the girl's baptism. I didn't take a lot of pictures (left it to the pros since I had my hands full) but here's one to tide you over.

It is always good too see all of the out of town relatives and especially good to share something like this with them. I swear if you looked at the house from the outside you might have seen the walls expanding and contracting with all the activity.

I am glad we did a "practice run" so to speak on the baptism or else Ruby might have tried to run right out the door. She was a good sport in the end and Sailor was...well she was just Sailor: happy and content as always. They both wanted to play with the water once it was over. We enjoyed a great lunch at the house afterwards (thanks Mom) and made the most of the time we had before company hit the road.

Occasions like this are very special to us and we are thankful for everyone who came to town and everyone who came to the church service. Your presence and all of your kind words and complements mean a lot to our family. We thank you for sharing the occasion with us!