Friday, September 28, 2012

Fine Art

Ruby has come a long way in her evolution as an artist. Now all her people have arms...
Seriously though, it is interesting to me the way her mind is developing and her recognition of things shows up in her work and she at least has the concept, though not yet the practice, to get her ideas on her canvas of choice.

Above is a picture of the girls and olivia on the swings in our back yard. Even though the swings are not there, the chains coming down are there and I think she gets the idea of how to convey the idea into a picture.

This is a picture of her inside our house. Again, you can see the wheels in motion. She could have just drawn the house and said it was a picture of her in the house but she drew herself to convey the complete concept.  

This is a drawing she did at school with chocolate. There isn't any big concept there, I just dig it. It was hanging a little too low on the fridge and the family dog helped himself to a little.

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