Friday, April 13, 2012

Easter Festivities

Easter Egg Hunt
Perfect weather and man did the kids love it. Due to a scheduling error, we missed the actual hunt but some generous parents (and grandparents) were nice enough to recycle some found eggs for the late comers. It was funny to wait for her back to turn and lob an egg across the grass. 
Easter Morning
Easter morning was a win thanks to inspired basket construction by my most excellent wife (with help on contents from GG). Any excuse to tear apart wrapping and open stuff. Oddest item of the morning: rubber chicks that light up when you strike or throw them. Not sure what this is teaching kids about nature and animals but they love it all the same.

Dinner and drinks at G.G.'s 
Though we were bummed by the absence of my cousin's fiance, we were excited that Uncle Greg made it. Special thanks to Publix for having a build your own six pack wall and to my mother for cooking enough for a small army and understanding my holiday MO: drink, eat, drink more, pass out on the carpet.

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