Monday, April 16, 2012

Avoiding Bed

Ru's latest thing is trying to talk her way out of naps and bedtime. I give her full credit for her attempts at sneaking around resting. She's crafty and clever when coming up with reasons and excuses. She's also been known to save a potty trip so she can use it after we have laid her down. If she gets really desperate she'll resort to standard fare like "I'm hot" or "there is a monster in my room" but usually she goes outside the box to stay outside the bedroom.

Time out and other punishments are not a deterrent. There have only ever been a couple times she asked to nap or go to bed, so few you could count them on one hand.  The only times she doesn't resist is if she has missed a nap or had a really big day.

What do your kids do to avoid naps and bed or are they perfect about getting to sleep?

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  1. E's given up naps so she does jail breaks during quiet time. She asks to use the big potty (she has a little on in the room with her), she strips naked then puts on a dress and asks us to button/zip it up. She'll wait for you to walk by her room then ask you to put clothes on Baby Doll, get her a new book, etc. She's never tried monsters, water, or any of the "classic" excuses. Thanks to the no naps though, she passes out within a minute or two of putting her down at night!

    Some days are better than others. She'll be great at staying in her room then it'll slowly escalate. If I get after her (just verbally, that's usually all it takes though I've taken toys from her once) she continues for that quiet time but doesn't do it in future quiet times for a while. Then the cycle repeats.