Friday, November 8, 2013


     It is official, I have one...a posse of not one but two other stay at home dads. This is my posse, we roll on Tuesdays. You can find us on playgrounds near and far, at shopping malls big and small. No jungle gym is too large, no swing too high. We rustle children together. We share snacks and table time. We discuss the virtues of long naps and lament cleaning up around the house.
     The tables have turned. In mass, we are the ones shunning and excluding the stray stay at home mom who dares tread in close proximity. We are the ones riding the carousel horsies next to our offspring while onlookers try and figure out the story. We are the ones who make others wait for turns. We are the ones who knock knock joke.
     Fabled tales of dads on a rampage follow in our wake, legendary stories of plundered toy stores and a trail of poopy diapers. Some wonder if it is true. Some think it is all a lie propagated to keep traditions in place and prevent the boat from rocking. Believe what you will, now we are the pit of vipers. We are the ones who judge and shun and you will know us by the screaming of our young.
     Truthfully, most of that it made up. There are three of us. We do meet on Tuesday, we do push each others kids and share snacks at the same table. Sometimes we lament house work and other drudgery..that and the fact that you can't have beer on a playground at 10am on a Tuesday without the cops being called.

And that picture at the top, it is a posse but isn't mine. We're to busy being awesome to pose for photos.