Friday, November 22, 2013

Coffee Talk

Its been quite a while since I talked about my coffee problem. In addition to last week's curve ball, I received a couple coffee related gifts and I thought it was high time I touched on this again. First, my friend Kellet gave me an entire pound(!) of Starbucks Christmas Espresso Blend. It is not ground, which is awesome because I can grind it right before I prepare it. In case you've forgotten, her gift of the espresso machine was my gateway into addiction. Next up, my excellent and thoughtful wife grabbed me some Kahlua Mocha Coffee to keep me company over the weekend. It was excellent. She recently made the switch to decaf which means for convenience sake, I made the switch to decaf. I haven't had espresso around for awhile and it feels good to get jittery again. Thanks guys, much appreciated.