Friday, April 12, 2013

Toy Shopping

     Part of the girls' Easter present from my Mom was two little purses with $5.50 in them. The idea was for the girls to get to go shopping and pick a small toy and use their own money to buy it. I never need an excuse to go to the mall and I was excited to see the selection and evaluation process. 
     Basically what this became was an hour of  lets pick up and play with everything in the store while Dad tries to keep everything in its place so security doesn't get called. The stuffed animal section of the store has a sign that says "Please don't let children sit on the animals." Thankfully it didn't say anything about jumping up and down on them or dragging them around by their tails. 
     The girls quickly learned that the big, awesome toys can't be had for $5.50. I also had to talk Ruby down from the proverbial ledge over the first thing she grabbed in the store: a small stuffed tiger. Pretty sure you weren't aware of this, but there are about 5 stuffed tigers in this house already. Sailor spent a lot of time putting things in her mouth and I had to explain a couple times that a play gun was not an appropriate toy for a three year old, even if it was pink.
     In the end, Ruby picked a miniature Slinky and Sailor a plastic flutophone. Watching them at the counter was fun too and the clerk was a good sport. After all this time thinking we were just wrecking shop, I'm sure he was relieved to get $10 out of the deal. We capped our trip with lunch in the food court and a trip up the elevator. As the carousel is still MIA, we had to take what we could get.

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