Monday, April 1, 2013


     So olivia and the girls were on Spring Break last week. As usual, the first few days were peaceful and relaxing. After that...well it just gets a little too quiet. I was stuck in the bed sick the first weekend and after that I filled my time catching up on projects and doing stuff around the house. Every time they go it is always the same: count the hours until I get some free time and then count the hours until they get back.
     Before she left, Ruby decided that she needed a homecoming party. She wanted to invite GG and have pizza and lemonade and watch Wreck It Ralph. The most important part...was a cake. Not just any cake would do for her. She was very specific that she wanted a unicorn on the cake with sparkly hair and a bow in its tail.
     Some cakes are easy to find and for a birthday or big event, I don't mind dropping a little coin. To indulge my daughter for a random Friday night "party" is a completely different story. I was looking to do this on the cheap and grocery store bakeries weren't any help. A quick trip to the toy department at Target and the solution was pretty clear. Put a $5 My Little Pony on a $6 sheet cake and problem solved.
     The party was huge success and Ruby was stoked about her cake. She dragged the toy unicorn around all weekend. Even though the plan was to watch a movie, the girls spent most of the time playing with GG. They hadn't seen each other in a week and I think all three of them appreciated the quality time.
     I didn't leave olivia out of the fun. Her beloved Kindle bit the dust late last year and she had been wanting a replacement. Over the break she got some time in with her nephew's iPad and talked to me on the phone about craving another reader or tablet PC. I heard the hints and answered with a Nook Color. I made sure it was ready with a few books and her e-mail, Netflix, etc. It has been a long time since I saw her so excited about something. I also have a screen protector and case on the way for her.
     All in all, I would say this was a banner Friday. It is always good to gather as a family. This was no exception. Everyone was home, healthy, happy and together. Sometimes, you truly can't ask for anything more.  

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