Monday, March 11, 2013

The Story Behind the Video

So apparently people REALLY liked the Harlem Shake-ish video that was posted on Friday. A couple people even wanted to know more about it. So here we are...

It was a routine weekday and we were all getting a little cabin fever here at home so we decided to go to the mall. Again, I am a huge fan of the mall as you don't have to spend any money or have an objective and nobody will ever ask you to leave. It's also great for the girls. I let them walk, explore, etc and during the day on a weekday, there isn't a lot of foot traffic to impede them.

We were making a lap around bottom level and we reached one of those trendy stores that always has music blaring out the front door. I won't say the name but it rhymes with Schlabercrombie and Glitch. Once Ruby and Sailor heard the music it turned into a dance party. The dance party drew spectators, people walking stopped to watch and employees came out of stores to see. It was pretty awesome. 

Contrary to what you might think after looking at this blog, I don't keep a camera running on the girls 24/7 so I didn't get the initial (and best) event on tape but after we hit the end anchor and made a u-turn I had my cell phone rolling and got the 2nd go round. Below is the unedited video.

I love my girls. I love that so many of you love them too.

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