Friday, January 11, 2013

Toy Cars

     My Mom is awesome. She was very forward thinking and saved a TON of cool stuff from when I was young for my kids to have. That said, I am pretty sentimental and not always the best at letting things go. It is different for the things that I saved for the kids but when Mom unearths these treasures from my childhood and gives them to can be hard for me to pass them to the girls.
     I've had these cars for several months. I let the girls play with them with supervision and they love them. I had let them each pick one to have but mostly they sit on the shelf above the computer. We've been doing a lot of cleaning out this week and the cars came up. olivia also has some things from when she was young that the girls play with now. She told me that when she sees them playing with them she gets a warm feeling inside and even though they are rough on them, its worth it. Besides, what is the alternative? There's no point in letting them sit, it is far time they were played with.
     For Christmas the girls got a really cool play mat with streets and buildings on it. I think the timing is just right so sometime soon, they are going to get more cars, trucks, construction vehicles, dune buggies, taxi cabs, etc to play with then they could ever imagine. I can't wait to see them in action again.


  1. Looks like fun! I'm SO SO sad that my My Little Ponies got lost. I had a whole box of them saved for my "someday kids" and now that the kids are here, the ponies are missing. Ella has some of the new ones, but it's just not the same.

  2. No, none of the retro toy reboots are as good as the originals. I'm sorry that you misplaces the Ponies, maybe they'll show up at some point...

  3. This post was e-mailed from my Mother and posted with her permission:

    "Your post on your Matchbook cars brought tears to my eyes --- oh, how you loved those tiny vehicles when you were little! The summers that you were two and three we went to The Patricia Inn in Myrtle Beach for summer vacations --- a beautiful old timey beach resort where your meals in the dining room were included and you had to 'dress' for dinner. To keep you amused we bought you a new Matchbox car for every dinnertime which you couldn't wait to get and play with on the tray of the high chair. There were many elderly people sitting around us (we had assigned tables), and the gentlemen said they could hardly wait to see which one you got each evening.

    Several years later The Paticia Inn was torn down and replaced with a huge condo --- The Patricia Grande. Grandma and Grandpa took a belated honeymoon to The Patricia Inn when WWII was winding down so it broke all our hearts to see it gone.

    Love you much, Mom"