Friday, October 26, 2012

Favorite Music Videos

We've done our best to expose the kids to music at an early age. We have instruments around the house, real and toy varieties, and we spend time now and again watching live performance and music videos.
Ruby likes singing and lately she will spontaneously break into song. After getting back from my mother-in-law's she picked up a new one. We watched the video and now she is really hooked.

Occasionally when we are on the PC she'll come around and ask us to play these videos. The first one is even bookmarked on my Mom's computer.

Here is the one she's been singing since she got home. While watching the video, she tries to sing along. I also noticed today she had picked up a few more words of the chorus.

I forced this one on her but since she really seems to love drums and drum solo's, she's into it and is glued to the screen during the brief solo.

Sailor always watches and dances and will sometimes ask to sit on a lap too...

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