Monday, October 8, 2012

Daddy Daughter Day Out

     Occasionally the stars line up and we are able to schedule some alone time with the girls. Yesterday was such a day. I took Ruby out and we had a blast. We started with a hot fudge sundae at Johnny Rockets. Ru sat at the counter like a big girl, she thought the way they rotated was awesome and she spent most of the wait for her ice cream but moving side to side and laughing. The staff was very friendly and sweet to her.
     Of course if we are near the mall we have to go in. Usually we enter at Sears and she wanted to stop and look at the Christmas decorations. Further into the mall the Christmas Tree store has opened so we took a look around there too. Big trees, little trees, spinning trees, white trees, colorful trees...she liked all of them and told me I was going too fast. As Ruby has gotten older she has started to prefer the train to the carousel so we took a ride. The mall was busy and she enjoyed looking at the people and waving and got a real kick out of it when people waved back.
      Before we left we hit the kids arcade and Ruby tried her hand at Skee Ball. At first she wanted to throw overhanded. Once I got her adjusted to throwing underhanded, she kept wanting to get a running start. Despite her best efforts, she was never able to get the ball into point range. The only time we got on the board was when I was showing her what to do.
     We had a great time. Yesterday reminded me of the times my folks used to take me on outings and all the fun stuff we did. I still have great memories of those times and hope these last for the girls like similar memories have for me.

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